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Time Line:   1914-1925   |   1938-1939   |   1940   |   1941   |   1942   |  1943   |   1944   |   1945

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History of the Valley Works
by Colin Barber

History of Building 45
is being re-written, please be patient.

The Cilcain Decoy Site
by Colin Barber

Forward Filling Depots
by Graham Smith

The History of No. 42 Group Royal Air Force (1939-1955) by Graham Crisp

Beware of the Gas / Gwyliwch rhag Nwy by Anon

Mustard Gas Worker (from Widnes History Society)

Vesicant Storage at Antelope Field, Rhydymwyn & Woodside, Northop by J. A. Fellows

A Short History of the Tunnels and Storage Complex at M.S. Valley 1939-45 by Colin Barber

Lead, a Backdrop to Mold
by Diane Johnson

The Atomic Bomb Connection
by Colin Barber

B.E. Dunham on the Hill
by Phil Pritchard

Samuel Walker Company, the owners of the Dee Banks Lead Works at Bagilt.

Rhydymwyn Race Course (By kind permission of the Mold Civic Society)

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