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  • Tunnel Tours 2023
    The RVHS undertook Tunnel Tours at the Rhydymwyn Valley site on the 16th July. Approximately 120 people taken through in groups of 20 The tour included a talk on the history and construction of the tunnels. Hard hats, hi-vis jackets and headlamps were provided at the start of the tour. We asked for a contribution equivalent to £5 per person, to cover both the cost of insurance and equipment. Further tours are contemplated for 2024 Download a pre-booking form here: If you have any further queries about the Tunnel Tours please contact us at:
  • January 2024 Events
  • February 2024 Events
    Sunday 11th February -1400-1600: Meeting of RVHS, Visitor Centre, Rhydymwyn Valley Site
  • March 2024 Events
    March 13th Meeting with DEFRA 14:00 VC Valley Site March 14th Thursday @ 7:00 pm. Widnes History Society in Widnes. March 17th Sunday - RVHS Meeting 14:00 Valley Site March 20th Wednesday @ 7:30 pm. FV&CTS in Holywell Golf Club.
  • April 2024 Events
    April 6th Saturday. All day. Photography Group April 18th Thursday. Denbighshire CC - all day - NOW CANCELLED April 28th Sunday. Motor Bike Group - NOW CANCELLED
  • May 2024 Events
    Saturday May 18th - Preperation on-site for Open Day, 13:00-1600 Sunday May 19th - Open Day
  • June 2024 Events
    Monday 10th June - Group tour of site (Hawarden Housewives) Sunday 16th June - CANCELLED - RVHS Meeting 14;00 Visitor Centre, Rhydymwyn Valley Site - CANCELLED Saturday 22nd June - Tunnel Package Day, Cold War Group only. Fully booked. A guided tour of site and tunnels
  • July 2024 Events
    July 13th Saturday. Specialist Group (Vehicle Group) Tunnel Tour July 17th Wednesday. 1:00 pm. Poulton & Pulford HS. July 18th Thursday 7:30 pm. Caerwys Historical Society July 28th Sunday. All Day. Caerwys Historical Society
  • August 2024 Events
    18th August - Sellafield Group all day
  • September 2024 Events
    Friday September 13th - Erddig Group - All Day Sunday September 15th 2024 - POTENTIAL Open Day/Tunnel Tour Day (tbc)
  • October 2024
  • November 2024
  • December 2024
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