The Rhydymwyn Valley History Society had its first informal meeting in May 2008, when about ten people attended. It currently has over 700 members and new members are always welcome!

The core interest of RVHS is the operation of the Valley Works at Rhydymwyn in Flintshire, Wales, and the involvement of Tube Alloys in the site. The many strands and consequences which have sprung from this period have led to a study of the relevant events between the years 1905 to 2013 and many diverse related topics, including the development of atomic power and bombs, chemical and biological weapons manufacturing, storage and disposal, the social history of our times and the fascinating plans considered and implemented during the Cold War.

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It is a story of wartime directed labour and billeting, the enfranchisement of female labour, the involvement of common people in a worthy, but distasteful, duty and in many ways a wonderful story where life was consistently difficult until the Coronation Year, when we started to prosper as a united nation. It is not, in any way, an attempt to glorify war or to condone militarism.

This website is dedicated to telling a number of stories from various sources, including oral histories, government records, press reports, TV and radio sources and many other inputs.

One major source is the Flintshire Library Service and particularly the cheerful and ever helpful service we receive from Holywell Library.

We also cover the history of the Alyn Valley in all of its facets and embrace ecology, wildlife, social connections and dowsing.

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15th May 2014
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RVHS Monthly Meeting

Visitor Centre,
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The site forms part of the Rhydymwyn Valley Nature Reserve which is operated by
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We have ambitious plans for 2014 onwards which need funding. Our sole income, except for occasional grants, depends on donations (most of which come from Open Days and guided tours). The residue comes from initial subscriptions and annual donations from our members. We ask that, if you think we provide value, you support us further by contributing?

The Rhydymwyn Valley History Society welcomes visitors from schools and any other interested parties. We show movies, tell you about the site and will take you on a tour which will include taking you just beyond the threshold of the tunnel system.

We also make many visits to Groups and Societies throughout the area, giving illustrated talks at their meetings!

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The information on this site is contributed by members of the Society. We welcome everyone who wishes to become involved, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnicity, political persuasion, religion or belief.

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